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Best electrical services Singapore near me do you try to find our handyman services company will be the best choice for you.

We are the best electrical service companies in Singapore near you, our electrician is waiting to serve you. We have a trained master electrician team who are all professional.

Best Electrical Services Singapore


Electrical service companies works for fixing your electricity problem. Transforming or distributing electricity over wires and cables are called electrical service. Electrical services can be residential, commercial business or any other  institute. It will fix your home safety  and make sure your power trip and power failure problem will be solved.


Do you need an electrician near you in Singapore? Our electrical services Singapore will give you 100% professional elwctrician who can make sure your full safety by any electric short circuit.


Our electrician is ready to service your emergency electricity solution 24 hours, 7 days a week. Just make a call in our Handy Service SG and we will give you the best electrical services Singapore. We may assure you that we always value your property. 


Our Best Electrical Services Singapore Working Area:


Certified  Electrician

We have a master Electrician at your service who has in- depth knowledge about electrical solutions. More than 12 years our electrical service company provided our service all over Singapore by our certified electrician. We have our own transport service. If you take our electric service once, you don’t need to be worried regularly like this day. 


General Electrical Services Singapore

We will give you all kinds of general Electrical Service in Singapore. Your electronics always need to be upgraded, proper installation, repair and replacement. While there are some common problems that might need to be fixed then you should hire an electrician for time and cost saving.

Electrical Repair and Replacement

Electrical repair and replacement service are very essential to keep you safe. Our trained handyman can suggest things such as a safe home system, LED lighting, wire replacement solution.

Power Trip and Power Failure

Loss of electrical power due to technical issues or any other failure can make your life difficult. Our electrician works for it. On the other hand circuit overload can cause a power trip and can be an interruption of specific areas of electricity. We have the best electrician in Singapore who can repair and replace the affected part and make our power point active.

Electrical DB Box

Our Electrical technicians can fix or repair your electrical distribution board(DB) box. It’s also known as fuse box or circuit breaker box or electrical panel board. DB boxes need to be repaired and fixed  to ensure proper functioning of the electrical system in your property.

Ceiling Fan

Our electrical service Singapore also gives you different types of ceiling fan installation service. We also decorate your home by using ceiling fans with lights. If you also need bladeless ceiling fan service Singapore near you just feel free to contact us.


Lighting Service

We also provide you light installation service or light repair service in all Singapore. We replace your light fittings, light bulbs and repair your switch. We also replace your LED lights, tube lights. We also work for LED eco light, LED panel light or ceiling LED strip light.


Emergency Electrician


If you are looking for an emergency electrical service companies in Singapore 24 hours, You always found we are ready for your service. Our office is open 7 days a week. If you feel any issue with your electricity give me one call or a what’s app message. We are ready for your electrical service.

Cheap Price Electrical Service Companies in Singapore

We will give You best service at a cheap rate all over Singapore. Customer satisfaction is our only goal. We value your life and property. We suggest you don’t waste your money by working with an unprofessional electrician service company in Singapore. If you need any of our suggestions, contact us, it will be helpful and free for you.


New and upgrade Wiring

Electric switch installation/upgrade/repair

Power point and power socket fixed

Power trip or power failure service

Generator installation and maintenance

 High power motor pump and control panel

Light, heater, ceiling fan service

CCTV system install and monetization

LED eco lights, LED panel lights installation

Fire alarm installation

New wiring or rewiring

Electrical, cable, telephone socket installation

Replace DB and fuse box

Ventilation service

If you work on any of this kind of electric service, just contact us 24/7.

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