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About Us

Emergency Call – 24/7
  • +65 98120174

Key duplication near me to any other handyman service in Singapore, We have the best team for your service by one call or text.

Established in 2012, Handy Service is always with you by fixing your problem with just one call. We have a team of people who are highly experienced and professional. Our pledge is just too simple, we believe it is like our home. Our Handyman Will respect your home, we can insure it.

We Offer All Handyman Services

Our Goal

Customer satisfaction:

Key duplication near me to any other small work our primary goal is to be customer satisfaction. We are not only top notch delivering technical solution services but also focusing on excellent communication, transparency and attentive customer service. We provide the best handyman service near you in Singapore.

Quality craftsmanship:

We are well known for exceptional craftsmen in Singapore. Whether it’s a small repair or a major renovation project, the goal is to consistently deliver work of the highest quality, ensuring that every task is executed to perfection.


Being Punctual is crucial for a professional handyman service. Our handyman company aims to establish a reputation for reliability, showing up on time and completing tasks within the promised timeframe. If you find key duplication near me or a waterproofing company in Singapore ,then we are here to solve your problem in time.

Cheap handyman Service offering: 

Our goal is a one stop solution for all household maintenance and repair needs in Singapore. From plumbing service and electrical service Singapore to carpentry and acrylic paint or wall paint , our company offers for you cheap rate handyman service. 

Long term relationship:

Building a long term relationship with customers is also our most significant goal about home fix service.  Our aim is to increase our market growth. We want to provide exceptional handy service, build trust, contribute positively to the community and see our customer’s happy and smiling face by solving their handy problem.

We always believe in customer satisfaction. We will work with you by trust and honesty. We are time sincere and want to work again with you.

Why Choose Us

  • Always be aware of your safety
  • Always respect your privacy and personal space.
  • Affordable prices
  • No hidden costs
  • Discounts to Senior Citizens
  • Emergency Services
  • Guaranteed Work
  • Fast Services
  • Highly Trained Staff
  • Free Consultant

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